Sunday, August 30, 2009

Youth Monthly Review Meeting

So here are the plans that we have put in place today during the meeting.
In chronological order.

Event: Orphanage Visitation

Date: 13th September 2009
Event: Visit to the Kuala Lumpur Church of Christ

Venue: KL CoC building
Time: TBA(roughly 9.15 bibleclass starts)

Date: 3rd October 2009
Event: Youth Christian Fellowship (YCF) & Youth Quarterly Dinner (YQD)
Theme: Making our own pizza! Bring your friends!
Time: TBA(evening)
Person-In-Charge(PIC): Bro.Joel Kirk

Date: 23rd-25th October 2009
Event: Visit to the Malacca Church of Christ
Venue: Malacca CoC building
Details: Will be posted up soon
Person-In-Charge (PIC): Bro.Randall Chirng

There are a tonne of activities set up for the upcoming months so please do make an effort to keep these dates free (mark em' down in your calendars/diaries/handphones/PDAs/rocks.etc)
And remember to invite your friends too!
In a bid to grow closer to one another and with God.

In Christ we Serve,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visit to Subang Jaya CoC

On the past Sunday morning a group of 14 klang youths paid a visit to the Subang Jaya CoC congregation as part of our plan to visit a different congregation once every month to encourage and to streghten intercongregational ties.

Coincidently, there was a Gospel Meeting being conducted by bro.Roger Campbell from the USA. BTW, bro.Roger will be conducting a GOSPEL MEETING at the KlangCoC at the end of this week too.
The attendance was great to the point that additional chairs had to be laid out to accomidate more people. The announcements were unusually hillarious many thanks to...
After worship ended, we hung around mixing with the subang-ians for awhile. catching up with everyone. check this! This won the BHA ( Best Haicut Award ) =P
After that, virtually the entire congregation went over to the SAME restaurant about 4 shoplots beside the church building for lunch. The food was good. The place was packed. Didn't manage to find out who paid for us, but a big THANK YOU to the person concerned, we appreciate it. =D

Here are some pictures of the event. Didn't take many. enjoy!

And One Last Thing, All The Pictures I Took Of Reuben Had A Strange Resemblance. He Looks Awesome In All Of Them! ;)
I'm so looking forward to the next months visitation!

In Christ we Serve,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

YCF August 2009

First off, let me start by saying what a huge success the past YCF was. The turn out was great! The fellowship was precious. The activities were FUN!

The event started at around 2.30pm when the youths met in the church building. We got organized and started cleaning the air-con filters. The baptistry was miraculously clean so we were spared the extra task for that day. (=
Taking out the air-con filters isn't as easy as you might think. It is not a one-man-solo job where one person does all the work and others stand around watching. no. this required a team effort, one person had to get on a chair and attempt to remove the filters while 3 people stand behind to support him in case he falls and to provide moral support and words of encouragement. LOL. it was fun.
The initial plan was to vacuum the dust off the filters. guess what. 30++ air-con filters. 1 vacuum cleaner. haha. ingenius. so we resulted to using old tactics. plain old water.
After the filters had dried, we put them back into their original places, took a short breather...
And we were off to our next item on the agenda...

Feel short now?Anticipationtowering ee renThe games ended at about 6.10pm and by then everyone. and i mean EVERYONE were thoroughly exhausted. But we enjoyed ourselves to the MAX!lol.dont ask me why his face is like that. =P
maybe he was practicing for a darlie advert.
Look at all their contented faces. Aren't you sad u missed out? Join us next month! Be sure not to miss out.

Notice: This Sunday we will be visiting the Subang congregation. Come along and encourage the brethren over there. See you all there.

In Christ we Serve,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

YCF this Saturday

Ok. Things have been finalised and here are the confirmed details for the upcoming YCF;
Date: 8th August 2009
Place: Meet at the Church Building
Time: 2.30pm - 6.00pm
Agenda: a) Clean-up (air-cond filters + baptistry)
b) Captain Ball!!! @Real Sports (some futsal court nearby)
Price: Paid in full by the youth fund! (=

No reason not to come!
See you guys there

On an unrelated matter,
The visitation to the orphanage has been pegged on the 12th of September 2009
The plan is to teach the orphans English.
For those of us who have enough trouble learning the language for ourselves, it doesn't hurt to come and show your support for this commendable effort.
So please mark ur calendars so thaht this date is free. =D

In Christ we Serve