Thursday, September 24, 2009

Youth Monthly Review Meeting

"Hey guys,

This Sunday is the last Sunday of the month. Kindly be reminded that there will be a youth meeting as planned. Please attend and keep yourselves informed on activities of the youth and to give suggestions. Thanks.

Tze Wei"

What? Youth Monthly Review Meeting for the month of September
When? 27th September 2009 at about 2pm after lunch
Where? Annex room, Klang Church Building.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Visit to KL Church of Christ

Last Sunday morning, a total of 6 klang youths went to pay a visit to the KL CoC Congregation to fulfill our plan of visiting a different congregation every month to encourage and to strengthen inter-congregational ties.

The 6 youth (which were Tze Wei , Bryant , Joan , Ee ren , Jae wen and I) met at the Klang KTM station at 8 before getting on the train. We managed to make it in time before the singing started at around 9.30. After that, the adults and the youth broke off for their respective classes. The youth went upstairs for a separate bible class while the adults stayed downstairs. The youth class was taught by
Bro. Albert Wong who taught a lesson on giving devotions. He gave us tips and pointers on giving devotions . He also asked each of us to speak on any bible related topic without refering to the bible. It was very beneficial for all of us.
After that we went down for worship. Coincidentally, it was a combined worship that week (both Chinese and English speaking brethren). The Sermon was delivered by Bro.Albert Wong and Alwin Hoo as the translator. The sermon title was The Rainbow & The Promise based on Genesis 9:8-17.

After worship, we had lunch which was prepared by the KL members. Besides the food, we also enjoyed the great fellowship with the youths there.

Next stop, Melaka!

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern