Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Only 11 more days till the Youth Development Programme starts!
For those who are interested please do sign up as quickly as possible!
For those still thinking whether you should join.. STOP THINKING AND JUST SIGN UP ALREADY!
It will be a decision you will live to NEVER regret!
There will be loads of singing, activities, lessons and people for you to hang around with and talk to!

So drop whatever you're doing, ask your parents for permission and DON'T HESITATE TO PUT DOWN YOUR NAME ON THE REGISTRATION SHEET!

To Sign up or for any enquiries, please feel free to contact the following people:

Bryant Lee

Khoo Tze Wei

Krystle Chan



Oh.. and feel free to bring along your friends, relatives or anyone close to you!

Its gonna be a gut wrenching, throat crushing, leg breaking, brain teasing, eye popping camp!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Date: 17-18 November 2010
Venue: Rumah Methodist Fraser's Hill
Fees: RM60 per head(covers accommodation and food)


for more info, please contact the church office or deacons or elders.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Inter-Congregational Youth Development Programme 2010(YDP)

Dates: 20-23 December 2010
Theme: Just a cup of cold water
Venue: Star-Fresh Agro Park, Negri Sembilan

Participation fees will be RM280.00 per person, inclusive of all meals and accomodation. (According to organizer, this years fees is slightly higher because the food is of better quality.)

This year's main activity will be a Learnshop on the Work of the Church, which will feature both theory and practical aspects.

Participation is open to all youths from 12 to 23 years of age(but if you're over the age limit but still interested in joining, you are most welcome to join us). Both Christians and non-Christians are WELCOME!!

For more information, you may contact the following brethren:

Bryant Lee

Khoo Tze Wei


Perth Camp

The Perth Camp for young people will be held in Perth, Australia.
It will take place from December 13th to 16th.
The camp fees is Aust 180.00.
Travel fees is on your own.

NOTICE!: Bro Richard Lee is trying to arrange a group to go. This will help reduce the overall expenditure. Please get hold of him EARLY if you plan to join them.

(depending on the flight availability)

12th. worship with the Central North Church of Christ
13th to 16th. Perth Camp
17th to 18th. "Perth Tour" and Christian fellowship
19th. Worship with Central North Church and "sayonara"

get hold of a copy of the church bulletin for more updates and details.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Updates!

Singing Workshop with Bro Paul Goh

Date: Saturday, 4th September 2010
Time: 8.45am - 5.30pm
Venue: Subang Jaya Church of Christ building. (20, Jalan SS19/1G, 47400 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)

Want to improve your singing so that you can better worship our Lord? Be there!


White Water Rafting Expedition

Date: Saturday, September 11 (I know right?)
Time: 7am - 2.30pm
Venue: Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB)
Price: RM158 per person
Transportation: Not provided. (Contact Justin Chan if you can't find transport)

Things to bring: Yourself; Change of clothes, Towel and shampoo, old shoes (to be worn during ride; may be wet), money and awesomeness.

Things provided: Helmet, Life Vest, refreshments, Lunch, tonnes of fun and great fellowship.

Event organised by the Kota Kemuning Church of Christ.

If interested please sign up with Bro.Justin by this Friday (3rd September)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


IFF+YCF+YQD on Saturday (14th august) = a whole lot of awesomeness and great fellowship.

International Futsal Friendly
It was the first time that this event was organized and it was very encouraging to see adults and youths from different congregations turning up for the event. There were a total of 8 teams; klang had 4 teams while Ipoh , Kota Kemuning , PJ17 and KL each brought 1 team to participate in the friendly.The day started off at 8.30a.m at the Klang Church Of Christ building where the participants from different congregations met up for briefing on the rules of the game and also the intructions on how to get to the Futsal Arena. We later arrived at Real Sports Futsal Arena at 9.30 for warm up and team photos. At 10 the games started off with Klang 1 vs Kk and Klang 3 vs PJ17 . All the matches were very exciting and was full of fun and fellowship. The matches ended at about 1.30 p.m with KL emerging victorious . After that , most of the youths and adults went for bah kut teh at about 2.

Youth Christian Fellowship/Youth Quarterly Dinner
Most of the youths arrived at the church building at 5.30p.m. , most of whom were exhausted from futsal but were still able to make it. We had our singing led by Bro.Ee Ren and then we had our lesson on Envy & Jealousy by Bro. Randall. We were split into 2 groups and after the lesson we were asked to debate on "Social Networking Sites , Good or Bad?" I believed we all benefited from the debate as we can learn from both sides of the motion. After the really long debate, we then proceeded to having our dinner. This months YQD food theme was base on sandwiches such as pita , tortilla and croissants, with fillings like ham , bacon , cheese , shredded chicken , pickles , BBQ sauce and etc etc . And not to forget Jae wen's famous CHOCOLATE FUDGE!!
After dinner , we continued to have fellowship with one another and also having a lot of fun playing the games.

The IFF , YCF AND YQD was a success and we thank the organizers for all the events.
We hope those who missed out on the fun would be able to join us next time =D

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern

Pictures to be uploaded soon!
Can't wait? Get them on facebook! (:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inter-congregational Futsal Friendly (IFF) 2010

Date: 14 August 2010 (Saturday)

Registration: Please send the completed registration forms to the organizers (contacts listed bellow) before 8th August 2010, 5.00pm

Venue: Real Sports Arena, Klang.

(meet at Klang CoC church building which is a 5 minute drive from playing venue)

Time: 8.30am – 1.00pm

Cost: RM60 per team (tentatively)


8.30am Meet at Klang church of Christ church building
11, Jalan Teluk Pulai, 41100 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.


9.00am Arrival at Real Sports Arena (Limited transport. Provide your own transport if possible.)

Warm-up drill

10.00am Kick-off

1.00pm Lunch (Bak kut teh)

Game style

· Played in league format. (every team plays against each of the other teams once)

· Win = 3 points. Draw = 1 point. Lose = 0 points.

· 10 minutes per match, 10 minutes post-match rest.

· No half-time.

· Team to top the league table is the champion.


· 5 members per team, mix of youth and adults allowed.

· Congregations are allowed to send more than one team.

· Each team is only allowed to consist of max 2 non-church of Christ members.

· Teams may consist of members from mixed congregations.

· No substitutes. If a member is injured, the team may import member from any other team temporarily or permanently.

· All-girl or all-boy teams, play in different league.

Contact Information

· Bro. Justin Chan; 012-3283285;

· Bro. Cheah Hao Qi; 0169818285;

· Bro. Victor Ng; 016-5489477;

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scheduled services

9.o0am - Sunday School
9.15am - Bible Study
10.45am - Worship

(Worship and Bible studies are held in English and Mandarin in separate buildings)

8.00pm - Bibleclass

This is our location.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Youth Enrichment Seminar 2010!

The Y.E.S was once again held annually in the Klang Church Of Christ building on the 14th-16th of June 2010. Most of the participants (around 30) stayed over at the church building for the 3 days.
The guys room was in the annex room ( though some of them slept in the auditorium) while the girls room was upstairs in the few study rooms.
This Years Theme Was The Mind of Christ based on the book of Philippians and was taught/facilitated by Bro.Chris Lopez
Everyone was told to arrive at for the registration. Each participant had to pay about rm20 for the Food. So the program started around 9.30+ where we had singing led by Bro.Ern Shern.
We had our first lesson on the book of Philippians and Bro Chris passed out a the booklets to everyone. This booklets were meant to be use for all the lessons. We were then split out to our various groups (Yellow,Red,Green,Blue) and each group were set out to do their on discussion on to answer the questions given in the booklet.Each group had to discuss different chapters of the Philippians and later to present our discussion .
After that, we had our lunch at about 12...
Then it was time for Group Yellow to present their discussion on Philippians 1. After that , Bro Chris then went to on to further explain Philippians chapter 1 and the lessons we can draw from that chapter.
After that we had Tea at about 3 and we started our games at 3.40p.m. The games was prepared by Bro Justin and Bro Daryl. We started off with some icebreakers.
Then we moved on to the real games. They had prepared 2 games for that day , Flying FoxEgg and the latest version of Capture the Flag (version 6.67c..LOL).Flying Foxegg was a game where each team were given 5 eggs , toilet tissue , rubber band , a bottle of gum to "Flying Fox" our egg down the line without breaking the eggs.

The other game Capture the flag was also a great game where each to choose 1 Leader , 1 tanker, 1 Bomber , 1 Medic and 2 infantries. Each member has a water balloon (Lives) on their back while a tanker has 3 lives. The leader is blind folded , the medic carries a bucket of water balloons( lives ) to heal other members , the bomber carries a bom( water balloon) to throw at the opponents and the infantry are the normal soldiers. The main objective of the game is to capture the flag n bring it back to their base , or to extinguish the leader and the medic. There is a water gun placed in the middle of the battlefield where only the infantries are allowed to use. The tankers are immune to the water gun and the water boms.
The games was great and after that we had our rest , bath , dinner. We then had our singspiration led by Bro Tze wei And Bro Simon Wong from KL church of christ.
After singing our hearts out, we then had some great fellowship before a good night rest.

Day 2
Rise and shine , suprisingly all of us managed to wake up on time and then we had a great breakfast at 8.30. The breakfast was prepared by Bro Randall , Yen Nee and Jae wen, Ern Shern did make the milo though =P. We then Proceeded with singing at 9.30 and had our lesson/ presentation at 10.
After that we had our lunch at 12.
Then the lessons continued.
A quiz on the lessons was conducted at 3.
At about 3.45 , we had our really awesome treasure hunt game, once again prepared by Bro Justin and Daryl , as well as assisted by Krystle and Tze Wei.
After Team Yellow emerged as winners =D , we then again had our rest , bath , dinner.
Again we had our singspiration at 8 and was conducted by Bro. Randall , We learnt a few songs , espescially the song He still came , it was a very meaningful song. We Didn't learned the song He touched Me though some youth learned it from randall .. hehe
after the singspiration , we had a great night of fellowship and singing again through out the night and morning .. lol =D

Day 3
Had breakfast again , cooked by Jae wen , Tze Wei , Isaac( from Sg) and Jonathan Lee( from malacca) . we later cleaned up the place n then had our prizes for various group and then we said it was time for all of us to gome home and we said our goodbyes

Another Great Y.E.S and we hope those that weren't able to make it this year will be able to join us next Year . Just like daryl said , BEST Y.E.S YET =D

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern

* * * * *

* * *

* *


Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Date: 14 to 16 of June 2010(Second week of the school holidays)
Venue: Klang Church of Christ
Fees: RM20

Meals will be provided!
More details to come soon.

If you cant wait, please contact;
Khoo Tze Wei (0172023-three-five-two or
for more details.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Youth Christian Fellowship, April+ Quarterly Dinner

We had our monthly YCF for April together with our YQD on Saturday, the 24th of April. :) .
So it was a YCF+YQD = Y(CF+QD) =p
It was a pretty good turn out. We had some visitors.. new and old. Erny brought his friends; Foo Shin and Jae Wen (our extremely regular visitor) who in turn brought along his friends, Ken Hean and Din Shan aka Levi. xD Joan brought Cedric, Justin and Joey. :)
We also had youths from other congregations; Alvin Lee from Malacca and Eunice from PJ 17.

It was supposed to start at 5.00 p.m. but due to MRT (Malaysian Rubber Time).. We started at around 5.30..
First, Ee Ren gave a short devotion on singing; why we sing without musical instruments and the importance of singing. :D

The group.

After this, it was time to.. sing!
We were divided into our parts.. Then Randall explained briefly about the different kinds of hymns; happy, slow, motivational.. etc.
After this, each male youth led a hymn each.. Including the young one's like Ee Gene and Tze Ren. (Good job, guys!)

Alvin leading a song..


We were all getting hungry so after the singing, Bryant led us in a word of prayer before.. MAKAN time!
The food was so good.. I didn't even have the opportunity to take picture of it because everyone was too busy eating. =P heheh. Anyways, the food was good.. and so was the fellowship. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

After this, we all gathered back in the annex room to have more fun. According to Joel.. The purpose was to introduce the visitors to YDP games. :D
First, we all sat in a circle..

and Joel brought in the leftover chocolate fudge made by Jae Wen. As a "punishment" everytime we made a mistake.. we'd have to eat 3 pieces at once. You'd think this wasn't much of a punishment as Jae Wen's fudge tastes good. (makes me wonder if some made mistakes on purpose. haha.)
Don't Joan and Joey look very alike?

We started off with watermelon because it seemed the easiest. :)
Shapes.. hahah.

So then, we moved on to bunny ears. :p
Took a while for some people to get used to it. But then they discovered that it was very fun. :D

Last but not least, we played Ping-Piang-Ah!
Many became victims of loud screamers.. It was like having 2 large speakers blasting at max volume centimeters away from your ears. Ouch.
Tze Ren was one of the victims. hahah.

It was especially fun to see people trying to scream with their mouths full of chocolate fudge. xD In the end.. we managed to finish all the chocolate fudge and it was already quite late when we all decided to go home..
We left with sore throats and painful ear drums but also with big smiles and good memories. :)
Ahh.. Yet another successful YCF :) Special thanks to all the organizers and everyone who came!

To those who didn't come.. Please come next time because you're really missing out on the great fellowship!
Hope to see you all at the next YCF!

In Christ We Serve,
`Krystle C.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

YCF/YQD April 2010

WHAT: Youth Christian Fellowship&Quarterly Dinner.
WHEN: 5pm onwards. Saturday,24th April 2010
WHO: All youths from every congregation!
SPEAKER: Bro. Ong Ee Ren
ACTIVITIES: Singing! (:
FOOD: POT LUCK. (If you are unable to bring any food, it's alright, just bring yourself. =D)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Camp-in-Tents comes to you in Video

It is also available in HD 1080p. Ask Randall for it

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camp in Tents 2010

On the 16th to 18th of February 2010(Wednesday-Friday), we had a camp at Kem Isi Rimba.
We reached the campsite at around 10am. We checked in. Signed forms saying that if we die the camp facilitators wont be held responsible. Then we went to take a look at what was going to be our home for the next 2 nights. Initially the plan was to sleep in tents, but when we got there, lo and behold there weren't any tents set up at all. We had to settle for huts. So we shall call this Camp in Huts 2010. The place was (insert politically correct substitute for "unclean"). But i guess that's the point of having the camp in the first place, to rough it out. After we kept our bags at the huts we adjourned to the canteen where we had breakfast. Well, some of us had breakfast. Others weren't appetized by the food. (i shall say no more) After that, we set off to our first jungle trek. I say first because there was a second the next day. (more on that later) To summarize what we did here are a few pictures.

The Hike.

The Leeches.

The Cooking.

The "version 5.xx map" Waterfall.(i.e.unplayable)

The Group

After the hike, we stoned in the common room of the camp cause it was raining and we couldn't do anything else. Some played cards. Others slept. When the rain finally died down, we bathed and then had dinner. Bathing was an experience.(i'll leave it as that) After dinner, we had a few games by the camp facilitators. They showed us some kampung lameness and we showed them urban lameness likewise. (i.e.Joel) Then we slept. The guys took turns to sentry throughout the night so that nothing funny will happen to the girls. heh.

The Place.

The next day, we woke up. Had breakfast and set off for jungle trek V2; the mountain strikes back.(ok. lame. i know) Some of us fell sick and couldn't go for this excursion. Other's had enough of the leeches and all the other wonderful things that are found in the great outdoors and thus just slept in. Here are some pictures of the hike.

Hiking V2

After the very tiring hike, we had our obstacle course! Yes! First off, we did the flying fox.
Nothing compared to Skytrex. After the Flying Fox, we did the "challenging" obstacle course.

After that, we all took a rest, bathe and got ready for dinner. We had a barbeque. The food were all supplied by the staff. All we had to do was... barbeque them! duh. After our delicious barbeque dinner, we got ready for PAINTBALL!!! Vietnam Village style. Half way through the game, we had to quit as the masks were fogging and visibility was bad. Very bad.. So we decided to play the next day before we left for home.

As there was nothing else left to do, some decided to sleep and others decided to make a fire. There were still some left over chicken from the barbeque, so they barbequed it and had it for supper! Yay!!

The guys were supposed to take turns and do sentry duty, but as we were seriously tired out by the days activities, most of us didn't do our duties. Tze Wei was eating his barbequed chicken while sentrying at 2AM. Round of applause for him please. xD

Next day, we got up and got ready for paintball again. We played the tournament style field. Broke ourselves into groups and had fun. To those who got plenty of love bites *cough*Randall, i pity u. xD But we did have fun. And after paintball, we got our stuff from our huts and got ready to leave. As we were all CRAVING for some good, clean food for lunch, we decided to eat at McD's. Maaaan did it feel good~~ After lunch, we of course left for home!

What a wonderful camp! We learnt a VERY good lesson those 3 days.
Lesson 1, never trust the staff there. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!
From tents, they gave us huts. From a "sangat dekat sahaja" hike, to a 3 hour walk to a UNPLAYABLE WATERFALL!

But to those who did not join, please do join the next time we organize another camp.
Don't let dirty huts and lying staff to be an excuse not to go to a camp. Although those 2 are pretty good excuses. xD But we wont make the same mistake AGAIN! We will do background checks and everything on the place and staff before we go ahead with the camp. Rite Chee Khiang? ;D

In Christ we serve,
DarylK & JustinC