Thursday, August 19, 2010


IFF+YCF+YQD on Saturday (14th august) = a whole lot of awesomeness and great fellowship.

International Futsal Friendly
It was the first time that this event was organized and it was very encouraging to see adults and youths from different congregations turning up for the event. There were a total of 8 teams; klang had 4 teams while Ipoh , Kota Kemuning , PJ17 and KL each brought 1 team to participate in the friendly.The day started off at 8.30a.m at the Klang Church Of Christ building where the participants from different congregations met up for briefing on the rules of the game and also the intructions on how to get to the Futsal Arena. We later arrived at Real Sports Futsal Arena at 9.30 for warm up and team photos. At 10 the games started off with Klang 1 vs Kk and Klang 3 vs PJ17 . All the matches were very exciting and was full of fun and fellowship. The matches ended at about 1.30 p.m with KL emerging victorious . After that , most of the youths and adults went for bah kut teh at about 2.

Youth Christian Fellowship/Youth Quarterly Dinner
Most of the youths arrived at the church building at 5.30p.m. , most of whom were exhausted from futsal but were still able to make it. We had our singing led by Bro.Ee Ren and then we had our lesson on Envy & Jealousy by Bro. Randall. We were split into 2 groups and after the lesson we were asked to debate on "Social Networking Sites , Good or Bad?" I believed we all benefited from the debate as we can learn from both sides of the motion. After the really long debate, we then proceeded to having our dinner. This months YQD food theme was base on sandwiches such as pita , tortilla and croissants, with fillings like ham , bacon , cheese , shredded chicken , pickles , BBQ sauce and etc etc . And not to forget Jae wen's famous CHOCOLATE FUDGE!!
After dinner , we continued to have fellowship with one another and also having a lot of fun playing the games.

The IFF , YCF AND YQD was a success and we thank the organizers for all the events.
We hope those who missed out on the fun would be able to join us next time =D

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern

Pictures to be uploaded soon!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inter-congregational Futsal Friendly (IFF) 2010

Date: 14 August 2010 (Saturday)

Registration: Please send the completed registration forms to the organizers (contacts listed bellow) before 8th August 2010, 5.00pm

Venue: Real Sports Arena, Klang.

(meet at Klang CoC church building which is a 5 minute drive from playing venue)

Time: 8.30am – 1.00pm

Cost: RM60 per team (tentatively)


8.30am Meet at Klang church of Christ church building
11, Jalan Teluk Pulai, 41100 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.


9.00am Arrival at Real Sports Arena (Limited transport. Provide your own transport if possible.)

Warm-up drill

10.00am Kick-off

1.00pm Lunch (Bak kut teh)

Game style

· Played in league format. (every team plays against each of the other teams once)

· Win = 3 points. Draw = 1 point. Lose = 0 points.

· 10 minutes per match, 10 minutes post-match rest.

· No half-time.

· Team to top the league table is the champion.


· 5 members per team, mix of youth and adults allowed.

· Congregations are allowed to send more than one team.

· Each team is only allowed to consist of max 2 non-church of Christ members.

· Teams may consist of members from mixed congregations.

· No substitutes. If a member is injured, the team may import member from any other team temporarily or permanently.

· All-girl or all-boy teams, play in different league.

Contact Information

· Bro. Justin Chan; 012-3283285;

· Bro. Cheah Hao Qi; 0169818285;

· Bro. Victor Ng; 016-5489477;