Friday, June 26, 2009

Youth Montly Review Meeting

Remember, this sunday is the last sunday of the month.
Kindly be reminded that there will be a youth meeting as planned.

Where? Annex Room, Building A, KlangCoC Church Building
When? Sunday, 28th June 2009


Tze Wei

Monday, June 22, 2009

Parents Day '09

On June 13th. We celebrated Parents Day! The event started at 12pm. Right after service.
First everyone was escorted to building B to have lunch. There were loads of yummy food there.
It was pot luck by the way. At 1:30, we headed back to building A to start the activities.
The event was emceed by bro Rick Kirk. It started with some singing. Then it was time for some sketches! The youths sang a chinese song. The tamil congregation sang 2 tamil songs(obviously). Then a video/skit by some very talented actors. The video was created by bro Stephen. The video was about parents doing anything they can to support their children in studies and life. Good job Stephen! ;D

Then came the sunday school's turn to do sketches too. They sang a few songs. Then there was a Happy Family contest. Where audience were supposed to vote on the happiest family based on the photos shown on the powerpoint. After that was a Parents Vs Children competition. The parents were asked questions about their children and vice versa. We're proud of you Erny! ;D
After that was the prize presentation. Then it was home sweet home.

It was a good day for family bonding. To fellowship among other christians. And im pretty sure loads of people had fun.

In Christ we serve

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Orphanage Visitation

Well, as you may or may not have heard, the youths visited the orphanage this morning! (or rather yesterday's morning; it's 12.30am Sunday now =X )
The plan was to gather at the church building by 8.45am and then head on to the orphanage at about 8.55am to reach there by 9. Obviously we, being malaysians, nothing starts on time. =)
We were late by about 20 minutes. But it's OK! The important thing is getting there rite?
There were about 13 youths who were present. Not bad, but could have been better.

So firstly, we gathered the children together in a circle and we had an introduction session, where everyone was supposed to introduce ourselves. i.e. name, age, hobby, etc.

After that we sang a few sunday school songs. We received wave after wave of requests from the orphans. We tried our best to sing aloud with full confidence recalling the tunes of long long ago, way back when we were still in sunday school. ;)

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!If you're happy and you know it slap your thighsIf you're happy and you know it stomp your feet
If you're happy and you know it say AMEN!
Next, we played a few games!
But before that, it test of our organizing skills once again.
(look at bryan. lol)
Game 1: Musical Chairs.
Description: Musical Chairs...need i say more? if u really dont know how to play, ask ur mum. haha.
It was a challenge to get the kids in order, but we soon crossed that barrier and the games began!
The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly although we only had time for 1 round.
Not to mention. Uncle Sam was pumped up for the game too! haha. Still very much a youth in his heart.
(look at randall's "i'm-so-astonished face" priceless haha)The Winner of the game in all his glory doing what he does best, holding on to chairs. ;)

Next up!

Game 2: Throw round things into scoopie thingies.
Description: Well, erm...the objective of this game is to get the tennis ball from one person to the next person in your group across a predetermined gap. The first person throws the ball using the scoopie thingy and the next group member is supposed to catch the projection with his very own scoopie thingy. You know what that means... FUN! =P
Well, the predetermined gap between the group members is supposed to symbolize the gap between us and the orphans. And throwing the balls symbolizes building the relationship between us and them.'s just plain fun to throw yellow balls around, and that's pretty much why we did it. I just made the last part up to give the game a little more purpose. x)
Randall demonstrating to the kids what NOT to do in the game.And in the midst of all this action...guess who turned up?
Can u spot him? I'll give u a guess. He's not the one holding a camera. ahah.
(Yes, Sam is holding a camera in case u cant see it, he is...see his right hand?)

After the games session we had a short presentation by 3 very special orphans.
Introducing the UCAAABO!!! (pronounced you-cae'-boeh)
The Unbelievable-Crazee-Amazing-Astonishing-Astounding-Breakdancing-Orphans!
Well they could do;
The snake-o~
The helicopter thingo~
The hand-stand-coolio~
The dunnowad-0~

After the entertaining display, we had a cake cutting ceremony for the june babies in the orphanage. =)
We sang the birthday song. and they blew the candles and cut the cake.

Then.... MAKAN!!!
We passed out the goodie bags to each and every orphan and their eyes lit up with sheer ecstacy.
What else could a kid want more than a bag full of sweet sweets. =0 yum yum.

Finally the visit had come to an end, we said our good-byes and took a group picture!
Some of them insisted on taking a picture with Bro.Tze Wei. dont know why. i think they know he's my cousin... =0 (eleh...)
Then we adjourned for mamak!

Overall, i think it was a very succesful visit and we'd like to thank the organizers for doing an amazing job. THANKS and we appreciate your work! ;)

In Christ we Serve,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

YES Pictures

Okay guys, here are some pictures. Enjoy (:

Tea Break
Sean caught red handed!

The participants listening intently to a presentation..

Bro. Bryant giving a presentation on Dating and the Christian.

More pictures will be uploaded soon :)

In Christ we Serve,