Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mosquitoes Attack!

Our Bro. Tan Ern Shern has been down with Dengue Fever for the past week.
His blood platelet level is still unstable.
Also be mindful of his friend and our regular visitor Jae Wen who also got Dengue in the past week.
Both of them were discharged from hospital today.
Please pray for their speedy recovery.


On a lighter note, did u you know that our fellow church members survived THIS crash which happened a month ago?!

Take Bro. Dr. Koay's advice,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Y.E.S Program Part 2 (Pictures)

As I have promised, here are the pictures..

Special Thanks To Jae Wen for the Camera..

1st Day

The Arrival Of The Youths

The Guys Room(Nice le..)

The girls room..

Our "Ice-Breaker"

Our Speaker , Bro. Eng Boon
The Introduction
Doctrine, and Authorities

Our Lunch, Nasi Lemak , without Lemak,
As i was told...
And yenee posing with the spoon..XD

Lesson Continued
The Church Organization..

Jonathan Playing The Chinese YO-YO
Su Yen??

The 2nd Day

During Lesson, Joined by Bro Christopher Lopez,
Daniel Lee and Joel Kirk.

Scripture reading ,
Or should i say Chapter Reading by Jonah
And Jonathan.

Tze Wei Studying..

Bro Christopher joining us in playing ping pong..

Then we had our Games by Daryl

And Hao Qi

Everybody Searching around for the clues

Getting a Clue From the Bible..
What they doing near the Toilet?
Jae Wen : Smile! Im On Candy Camera!!

All The Clues..

Then We had Our Second Singing Workshop
By Bro Chiang Ling.

Practicing Our songs Given

With The Help Of Everyone

And More Practising

3rd Day

Not much pictures taken on this day,

Our 3rd lesson on
instrumental music

Other Pictures
Christine Carrying Joan

The Power Of Micah!

Bryant wondering what is this...

Bryant In Ping Pong Style

Daryl preparing for Bryant's service

Ern Shern and Alvin in a ping pong match..

Daryl and Bryant Being The Net...

The Human Sandwich!

Bro Christopher
Stressing a point with his eyes closed..

Daryl Hugging the Flower..

Pictures by : Ern Shern
Camera Provided By : Jae wen

In God We Serve,
Ern Shern

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Y.E.S Program

The Y.E.S was for 4 days12th-15th March 08, Wed to Sat... and it turn out to be great .
I, Ern Shern, am responsible for this post...
So Please bear with any errors made XD...

There were many visitors present...
Among them were;
-Jae Wen ( Friend of Ern Shern)
-Jonah (Came on the 2nd day)
-Micah (Came on the 2nd day)
From Melacca Church Of Christ
-Kevin (From the Subang Jaya/Melacca Church Of Christ)

The 1st Day ( Wednesday)

Many of the youths arrived at around 10.. ( suppose to be 8- 9) lol...
And then we were suppose to have the ice-breaker session..but there was no ice to break!!
After that, we had the introduction to the topics by the speaker Bro Eng Boon.
The introduction was about Doctrine and Authority.
The 1st Lesson was about The Church Organization
Which turned out to be quite an important topic..

At night we had our first singing workshop which was conducted By Bro. Chiang Ling
We learned a few new songs such as;
-and a few others...which i can't

There was one song where it Goes like this,
Please Don't Wait Until Dark,
Don't Wait For A Rainy Day ,
Just to pray (just to pray)
(u've gotta) Find time to pray
When the Sun's in your eye,
When the Sky are blue..
We're supposed to sing it 5 times, and then every time we are supposed to sing higher...

The 2nd Day (Thursday)
We woke up.....
Had breakfast... haha....
Followed by the arrival of Jonah and Micah.
We then proceeded to our next lesson
2nd lesson was entitled Modern Day Miracles and Tongue Speaking..
A very interesting subject indeed...
We had 3 good session on it conducted by bro. Eng Boon.

In the afternoon, we had games by bro. Daryl and his assistant Hao Qi...
We participated in some sort of clue finding game which turned out to be quite fun.

At night, we had the 2nd Singing Workshop
conducted by bro. Chiang Ling (also for the preparation for the Friday Singspiration)
Each one of the guys had to lead a hymn, and the hymn we were suppose to lead is not chosen by us but was instead chosen by bro. Chiang Ling..
The songs given were quite tough for us,
but, thanks to the help of everyone, we manage to do it!

On The 3rd Day
We had the 3rd lesson which was on Instrumental music.
The lesson made things quite clear for us pertaining to the use of instrumental music in worship.
We only had 1 session ,which was held in the morning.
This was because bro. Eng Boon had to go to a university to give a speech,

In place of his lessons we had free time.
During which, we practice our songs together and had fellowship with one another..

The most exciting part was at night, when we lead our song in front of the congregation.
Most of us were nervous but it was a good experience nevertheless.
The first Hymn lead was by Alvin, which was err, forget de .. .sorry,
after that ,Ern Shern, lead the hymn Standing By The River .
Followed by Ee Ren (He will pilot me)
Micah (Hallelujah Praise Jehovah )
and others
which i forgot. Sorry!
The Singspiration turned out to be a huge success...
Thanks to Chiang Ling , and all the youths who worked together and helped each other along the way...

On the 4th Day
We woke up, packed our bags and went home at about 12pm thoroughly exhausted and fully satisfied ....T_T....

We would like to thank
-bro. Eng Boon for teaching us all 3 days.
-The organising committee
Special thanks to
bro. Tze Wei and bro. Chiang Ling for all their effort in making sure this year's Y.E.S went on smoothly.
Also we would like to thank many others who had a part in making the Y.E.S a success!

I will post up all the pictures in the next post..

In God We Serve.
Ern Shern

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fresh Fish For Sale Today

For those who came this Sunday you would know what the title of this post means. =P

Bro.Eddy Ee shared with us three very enjoyable lessons on 3 very interesting topics.
a) How to overcome Selfishness (Friday)
b) Have i become your enemy because i tell you the Truth? (Sunday Bibleclass)
c) 10 Golden Truths about Giving (Sunday Sermon)

If anyone wants the slideshow presentation i have the powerpoint files for each lesson. =D
Just send me an email or tell me during church services. =D

In God we serve,

Saturday, March 1, 2008


The topics for the Y.E.S are as follows:
1)Church Organization
2)Miracles and tongue speaking
3)Use of Instrumental Music

Please do some study on these topics before coming for the Y.E.S. Also, please bring your own toiletries, bible, notes, stationary, laptop (if any), and any material which will help in the study of the bible.

Those who wish to come for the Youth Enrichment Seminar may start to register now. Those from Klang please sign up at the youth board. Youths from other congregations can register with Khoo Tze Wei or Koay Chiang Ling from Klang. Please get the contacts from your respective church leaders as emails have been sent to the leaders of the brotherhood.

Thank you.