Sunday, May 25, 2008

Parents Day

Themed Ephesians 6;2 which reads,
"Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise"
The Parents Day Celebration was a massive success.
Worship service ended at about 12.30 when the members then adjourned to building B for lunch.
As usual there was a variety of food, from eastern-style chicken curry all the way to the western-style pasta. Needless to say, the food was delicious and there was more than enough for everyone to eat till their heart's content. And incase you're wondering, no , this is not the deceptive food Bro.Steven was talking about from Proverbs 23;3. =P
We enjoyed great fellowship with one another.The turn out was great. There was good support from the church as well as a quite a number of visitors! The feasting ended at about 1.25 when we all cleared up and headed back to the main auditorium in building A for the further proceedings of this event.
To start it all off, we had the privilege of having Bro.Tze Wei who lead us in a few choruses.
After that, we had a short introduction by none other then our very own Bro.Ong Eng Boon
Followed by Uncle Richard whom then showed us a powerpoint presentation composing of various messages children had prepared for their parents.
After which, we were entertained by Bro.Randall Chirng who shared a message from his heart that he had for his parents. A very inspiring speech indeed. He also included the meaning of the word family, which i personally found interesting and have never thought about it from that perspective before.The word F.A.M.I.L.Y is an acronym which stands for
Father And Mother I Love You.
Then we had Bro.John Quek to introduce to us the Sunday School Children Presentation
The Sunday School children sang four wonderful songs.
1.Mother of Mine
2.Jesus Loves the Little Children
3.The Bible Tells Me So
4.Somewhere Over the Rainbow
It was a really awesome performance from the little children because they sang without reference to lyrics and were totally in one accord.
You guys certainly do make ur parents proud of you.Good Job Kids!
Of all the kids, i pin-pointed one little munchkin that seemed to be having the time of his life on stage. Haha! So cute! Glad you guys had fun!
Then the youths presented a short sketch entitled "Loving You For Whoever You Are"
Clip 1(Intro)

Clip 2(Noob Doc)

Clip 3(The Invitation)

Clip 4(Ni Chai Na Ni? lol)


Clip 6(What happened to mr.Lim)

Clip 7(Sunday Morning!)

Clip 8(Guess Who They Were!)

Clip 9(Resolution-The End)

The sketch made everyone's stomach ache due to excessive laughter. Haha.
The skid was not only funny but also had a moral to it, which was what made it even more meaningful. Overall, it was a good performance from the youths. =)

Things continued off at about 2.20 when we proceeded on to the Parent Look-a-Like Competition where there was a slideshow presentation played composing of all the pictures submitted by numerous members of the church in a bid to show just how identical they really are to their kids. Here's the slide show.

The winners of the competition were; Khoo Yen Nee&Khoo Su Yen(sisters)
as well as Bro.Koay Chuan Lek&Bro.Koay Chiang Loong
At about 2.30, we had a game where everyone in the auditorium were given a random alphabet and had to group together to form the sentence "honour your father and mother"
After all the fun, the event came to a close at about 2.40pm with a closing prayer by Bro.Steven.
Everyone went home, exhausted, but at the same time uplifted, encouraged and joyful.
All in all, it was a mind-blowing event which should not have been missed!
If you missed it this year, well you better not miss out on the fun next year. You got 1 whole year to clear your calender for this day.

Note: Will post up the slideshow of all the messages from the children as soon as i can get my hands on the powerpoint file.

In God we Serve,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Revival Meeting Canceled

Just to inform the youths.
The Revival Meeting scheduled for the 23-25th May has been canceled as speaker's wife has been hospitalized due to bad health.
Please pray for her speedy recovery.