Monday, December 14, 2009


guess the information is sufficient...
we will be practicing singing for the year end..
if got time..we CAN (not MUST) do skit too..
Have own lunch ya?
God bless.
See u all then...


Notice to all...
Please and PLEASE-lah be at the building at 6.30 am
you got me right..
when our eyes are still shut..
when our engine belum start..
we need to be in the building edy..
Good luck people..

Remember: This does not tolerate Malaysian Great Delay ya?

From ernie by randy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ydp Debate List

Marrying A Non-Christian (Opposition)
Ong Ee Ren
Justin Tay
Tee Ai Vee
Jaslyn Chan
Aevyn Quek

Cedric Tay
Lim Jia Chin
Lee Su Cheng
Joan Lee
Heng Jiao Faye
Tan Win Win

Social Drinking (Opposition)
Khoo Tze Wei
Khoo Tze Ren
Jyven Yu
Leow Huey Shien
Leow Huey Jean
Lim Chia Ye

Bryant Lee
Daryl Kirk
Tan Sze Yin
Khoo Yen Nee
Heng Jiao Lynn
Jaylyn Chan
Andy Ling ( Jyven's Friend)

Sean Lim
Tan Ern Shern
Ong Jae Wen
Ashley Quek
Krystle Chan
Joelyn Chan
Justin Chan

Joel Kirk
Isaac Samnas
Ong Ee Gene
Chong Yen Yen
Randall Chirng

Proposition=agree that it's a sin
Opposition= disagree that it's a sin
The youth in their respective groups are required to research on the topic given..

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern

PS: if you require any information or have any question please contact Bro.Ern Shern

Just incase some of you are still confused on which side is which..
Example: Motion 1: Marrying a non-Christian is a sin.
If you are on the proposition team, means you are supporting/ proposing this motion.
If you are on the opposition team, means you are opposing this motion.
I hope this helps clear up confusion on this matter. Thanks.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Youth Planning Session 2009

Dear all,

We will be having the Youth Planning Session on the 26th Dec (Sat). We will begin at 9am and should be ending around lunchtime (12.30pm+). We will be review what we have done the past year and also plan for the year(s) to come. So, do make yourselves available. Thank you.

Tze Wei