Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Bye bye 2008.
Hello 2009!
It's a brand new year today and it's high time we made our new year's resolutions.
Anyway, a little about the Year end gathering we had last night.
Here are some pictures!

The event was supposed to start by 6.30 but, as usual malaysian timing, it only started at about 7.15.
First we had dinner! (=
Needless to say the food was good and abundant!
Then when we all got back from building B we had a short message delivered by Bro. Koay followed by a game for the kids. Blowing balloons till they burst!
Talk about big balloons! The balloons almost twice the size of their heads!
Then, the sunday school did their performances.
The act in the dark was cool. Look at their hands!
After the spectacular display by the sunday school kids, we played a game where 3 people had to mummify another person in their group. ( Simon & Stephen )
Which one is Simon and which one is Stephen? That, i'll leave for u to decide.
Next on the agenda was video messages from bro.CK, bro.Kwan and bro.Daniel and sis.Debbie.
Daniel didn't even say a word throughout the entire video. haha
Then the youths did their performances.
2 Songs.
And we did a short skid based on Acts 16.16
The slave girl and her evil spirit. hahaThe false prophets, "Paul"& "Silas"Our very own, home-grown kalefe' (ca-ler-fair) ^^The one-man multitude! lol"I'll Kill Myelf! REALLY i will! Wei, serious la. I'm going to do it! " hahahah

When that was over, next came the performance by the men.
They sang 1 song.
After that was the performance by 4men and 1 lady. ahha
They sang "you raise me up" by dunno who. haha. josh groban?
After that, we played another game.
The aim of the game was to transfer the most cotton balls from point A to point B in 5 minutes using nothing but a straw.
Shortly after that, we had a quiz and the lucky draws all the way till 10 mins b4 midnight.
Then, we gathered in a circle and grabbed our party poppers.
The count down...












We enjoyed ourselves, didn't we? =D