Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Youth Enrichment Seminar 2010!

The Y.E.S was once again held annually in the Klang Church Of Christ building on the 14th-16th of June 2010. Most of the participants (around 30) stayed over at the church building for the 3 days.
The guys room was in the annex room ( though some of them slept in the auditorium) while the girls room was upstairs in the few study rooms.
This Years Theme Was The Mind of Christ based on the book of Philippians and was taught/facilitated by Bro.Chris Lopez
Everyone was told to arrive at for the registration. Each participant had to pay about rm20 for the Food. So the program started around 9.30+ where we had singing led by Bro.Ern Shern.
We had our first lesson on the book of Philippians and Bro Chris passed out a the booklets to everyone. This booklets were meant to be use for all the lessons. We were then split out to our various groups (Yellow,Red,Green,Blue) and each group were set out to do their on discussion on to answer the questions given in the booklet.Each group had to discuss different chapters of the Philippians and later to present our discussion .
After that, we had our lunch at about 12...
Then it was time for Group Yellow to present their discussion on Philippians 1. After that , Bro Chris then went to on to further explain Philippians chapter 1 and the lessons we can draw from that chapter.
After that we had Tea at about 3 and we started our games at 3.40p.m. The games was prepared by Bro Justin and Bro Daryl. We started off with some icebreakers.
Then we moved on to the real games. They had prepared 2 games for that day , Flying FoxEgg and the latest version of Capture the Flag (version 6.67c..LOL).Flying Foxegg was a game where each team were given 5 eggs , toilet tissue , rubber band , a bottle of gum to "Flying Fox" our egg down the line without breaking the eggs.

The other game Capture the flag was also a great game where each to choose 1 Leader , 1 tanker, 1 Bomber , 1 Medic and 2 infantries. Each member has a water balloon (Lives) on their back while a tanker has 3 lives. The leader is blind folded , the medic carries a bucket of water balloons( lives ) to heal other members , the bomber carries a bom( water balloon) to throw at the opponents and the infantry are the normal soldiers. The main objective of the game is to capture the flag n bring it back to their base , or to extinguish the leader and the medic. There is a water gun placed in the middle of the battlefield where only the infantries are allowed to use. The tankers are immune to the water gun and the water boms.
The games was great and after that we had our rest , bath , dinner. We then had our singspiration led by Bro Tze wei And Bro Simon Wong from KL church of christ.
After singing our hearts out, we then had some great fellowship before a good night rest.

Day 2
Rise and shine , suprisingly all of us managed to wake up on time and then we had a great breakfast at 8.30. The breakfast was prepared by Bro Randall , Yen Nee and Jae wen, Ern Shern did make the milo though =P. We then Proceeded with singing at 9.30 and had our lesson/ presentation at 10.
After that we had our lunch at 12.
Then the lessons continued.
A quiz on the lessons was conducted at 3.
At about 3.45 , we had our really awesome treasure hunt game, once again prepared by Bro Justin and Daryl , as well as assisted by Krystle and Tze Wei.
After Team Yellow emerged as winners =D , we then again had our rest , bath , dinner.
Again we had our singspiration at 8 and was conducted by Bro. Randall , We learnt a few songs , espescially the song He still came , it was a very meaningful song. We Didn't learned the song He touched Me though some youth learned it from randall .. hehe
after the singspiration , we had a great night of fellowship and singing again through out the night and morning .. lol =D

Day 3
Had breakfast again , cooked by Jae wen , Tze Wei , Isaac( from Sg) and Jonathan Lee( from malacca) . we later cleaned up the place n then had our prizes for various group and then we said it was time for all of us to gome home and we said our goodbyes

Another Great Y.E.S and we hope those that weren't able to make it this year will be able to join us next Year . Just like daryl said , BEST Y.E.S YET =D

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern

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