Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camp in Tents 2010

On the 16th to 18th of February 2010(Wednesday-Friday), we had a camp at Kem Isi Rimba.
We reached the campsite at around 10am. We checked in. Signed forms saying that if we die the camp facilitators wont be held responsible. Then we went to take a look at what was going to be our home for the next 2 nights. Initially the plan was to sleep in tents, but when we got there, lo and behold there weren't any tents set up at all. We had to settle for huts. So we shall call this Camp in Huts 2010. The place was (insert politically correct substitute for "unclean"). But i guess that's the point of having the camp in the first place, to rough it out. After we kept our bags at the huts we adjourned to the canteen where we had breakfast. Well, some of us had breakfast. Others weren't appetized by the food. (i shall say no more) After that, we set off to our first jungle trek. I say first because there was a second the next day. (more on that later) To summarize what we did here are a few pictures.

The Hike.

The Leeches.

The Cooking.

The "version 5.xx map" Waterfall.(i.e.unplayable)

The Group

After the hike, we stoned in the common room of the camp cause it was raining and we couldn't do anything else. Some played cards. Others slept. When the rain finally died down, we bathed and then had dinner. Bathing was an experience.(i'll leave it as that) After dinner, we had a few games by the camp facilitators. They showed us some kampung lameness and we showed them urban lameness likewise. (i.e.Joel) Then we slept. The guys took turns to sentry throughout the night so that nothing funny will happen to the girls. heh.

The Place.

The next day, we woke up. Had breakfast and set off for jungle trek V2; the mountain strikes back.(ok. lame. i know) Some of us fell sick and couldn't go for this excursion. Other's had enough of the leeches and all the other wonderful things that are found in the great outdoors and thus just slept in. Here are some pictures of the hike.

Hiking V2

After the very tiring hike, we had our obstacle course! Yes! First off, we did the flying fox.
Nothing compared to Skytrex. After the Flying Fox, we did the "challenging" obstacle course.

After that, we all took a rest, bathe and got ready for dinner. We had a barbeque. The food were all supplied by the staff. All we had to do was... barbeque them! duh. After our delicious barbeque dinner, we got ready for PAINTBALL!!! Vietnam Village style. Half way through the game, we had to quit as the masks were fogging and visibility was bad. Very bad.. So we decided to play the next day before we left for home.

As there was nothing else left to do, some decided to sleep and others decided to make a fire. There were still some left over chicken from the barbeque, so they barbequed it and had it for supper! Yay!!

The guys were supposed to take turns and do sentry duty, but as we were seriously tired out by the days activities, most of us didn't do our duties. Tze Wei was eating his barbequed chicken while sentrying at 2AM. Round of applause for him please. xD

Next day, we got up and got ready for paintball again. We played the tournament style field. Broke ourselves into groups and had fun. To those who got plenty of love bites *cough*Randall, i pity u. xD But we did have fun. And after paintball, we got our stuff from our huts and got ready to leave. As we were all CRAVING for some good, clean food for lunch, we decided to eat at McD's. Maaaan did it feel good~~ After lunch, we of course left for home!

What a wonderful camp! We learnt a VERY good lesson those 3 days.
Lesson 1, never trust the staff there. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!
From tents, they gave us huts. From a "sangat dekat sahaja" hike, to a 3 hour walk to a UNPLAYABLE WATERFALL!

But to those who did not join, please do join the next time we organize another camp.
Don't let dirty huts and lying staff to be an excuse not to go to a camp. Although those 2 are pretty good excuses. xD But we wont make the same mistake AGAIN! We will do background checks and everything on the place and staff before we go ahead with the camp. Rite Chee Khiang? ;D

In Christ we serve,
DarylK & JustinC

YCF February 2010

Last saturday, we had a YCF for the month of february.

We were supposed to start at 5pm sharp. well, that was the plan anyways.
As usual we started a bit later at about 5.20pm. We sang a few hymns followed by the lesson by bro.EngBoon on the topic of "adultery and fornication". A very taboo subject but important nonetheless. He did a very good job and the youths took a lot out of the lesson on how to conduct ourselves as to avoid putting ourselves in such a position that could cause us to be unable to resist the temptation. remember, Joseph RAN! ;P

After the lesson we had games conducted by bro.Joel. We were divided into two groups and proceeded to play Hangman. The game was fun and involving. And Joel, for your information, adulteration is actually a real word. ahhaha! according to ;


verb make poorer in quality by adding another substance.

— DERIVATIVES adulterant adjective adulteration noun.

— ORIGIN Latin adulterare ‘to corrupt’.

Sorry Joe! x)
Anyways, after the games ended, we all adjourned for our respective homes. Edified, uplifted and content.

Till next month!

In Christ we serve,