Monday, February 25, 2008


Youth Enrichment Seminar
Date : 12th-15th March 08, Wed to Sat (yes.. it is FOUR days)
Venue : Klang church building
*Fee : RM25
Facilitator : bro. Ong Eng Boon
Theme : Back to the Bible

More details will be provided by the end of this week. Visitors and brethren alike are ENCOURAGED to join us!

*Subjected to change.


Trip to an Orphanage

23rd of February, Saturday. The youths met at the church building at 8.15am (yea right... =P) before leaving for the orphanage. A total of 23 youths + an adult turned up for this visit.

What's Ee Ren doing?

Getting ready to leave.

Chiang Ling wondering when can we leave.

We finally left for the orphanage at around 9am. Took around half hour to reach this orphanage in Kapar.

Rita's Orphanage

Sadly, many of the children were in school having extra curricular when we visited them. Nevertheless, there were close to 30 orphans there. (if im not mistaken)

Some of the orphans.

Aunty Connie doing what she does best. Getting to know the children and teaching them Sunday school songs along with Debbie and Irene.

The youth standing around not knowing what to do. XP

Finally we joined the singing a couple of minutes later.

We were singing the Sunday school song "boys stand up, girls stand up, etc." That explains the standing and sitting... (or rather, squatting)

After singing we played some games with them. (more pictures of the games to come in the next entry. I don't have them yet.) After awhile it got too hot to play games. So everyone retreated into the shade and we handed out drinks.

Sharing is caring.

The youths got the chorus books out to sing some songs for the orphan, but some of them were kinda preoccupied posing for the camera to listen. =P

Note the chorus books held in the background.

The next top model =P

We handed out some goodie bags for them after the singing, had a group photo taken too but as I mentioned before that I don't have them now. So it'll be in the next entry. We left at around 11.30am, headed for lunch before going back to the church building for YCF. That ends our trip to the orphanage.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy CNY to everyone!