Sunday, March 29, 2009

Singspiration In KL

Dear brethren,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

On behalf of the Kl congregation, we wish to remind you of our singspiration. We have already extend an invitation to the members of your congregation who are interested in singing to join us on 11 April 2009(Saturday) at 6.30pm at the Kl Church building.
The program would incorporate a selection of songs from the audience along with a devotion presented by bro. Chris Lopez. We hope this event would be a time when we can sing praises to our glorious God whom we love and adore.

the program is as follows:
6.30pm-7.15pm - Dinner at the 1st Floor
7.15pm - 7.30pm - Song leading
7.30pm - 7.45pm - Devotion
7.45pm - 8.30pm - Song leading

with selection of hymns from the audience

Hope to see you.
In Christ,
Chris Lopez

This Invitation can be found in the church bulletin on Sunday, March 29,2009

Please Come and give your support , as i think it will be the only youth activity for the month of April..
For those who wants to come please inform us and we will be meeting at the Klang Station at 5 p.m.

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YCF 2009

As most of us know, we had our YCF last Saturday at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.
The day started out by the participants meeting at the church building at 7:30a.m.
A certain someone, not telling who, arrived late. So, instead of leaving at 8, we left at around 8:20.
Along the way, we were stuck in a traffic jam at the Klang Bridge. Theres never a day when its not jammed.

We reached the Bukit Cahaya at 8:44.

We bought our tickets at the counter and then rented our bikes. Before picking a bike, we of course tried it out first, because some of the bikes were faulty. We don't want any casualties during the trip do we.

The bikes

Bro Chee Khiang testing one of the bikes.

During the trip, we stopped by the Four Seasons House.

Inside the house:

Road to Heaven. xD

A group picture in the house.
Oh. Did i mention that inside the house was freezing cold? If not, then it was freezing cold.
Thats why u can see Tze Wei and Daryl putting on artificial smiles. Because we couldn't stop our teeth from chattering so much. Lol. Kiddin~~

Then there were some posers who wanted their pictures taken. hehheh. kiddin. xD

Moving on.....After the visit, we continued on cycling around the jungle! To give those who did not participate a picture of how the jungle looks like, it looks like this:

you know.. with trees and grass and moss and more trees. haha

It would take you people a day to finish reading this if i continue typing. So im just gonna let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy~ And to those who did not come, kick yourself now for not coming and missing out on all the fun. =D

After the cycling and exploring, some of us headed to McDonalds for lunch! yay!!

"so hungry i could eat a McChicken 3 times its normal size."

Randall hiding his hunger.

Having a good time. =)

To sum it all up, it was a good day of fellowship between our fellow youths.
Thanks to Randall for the pictures and for organizing the trip.
And for those who did not come, i sure hope you come for the next YCF.
Thanks for reading.

In Chirst We Serve,

Monday, March 2, 2009

Annual Church Camp 09

Hey there people!
Guess what? It's the time of year again for the church camp.
Here are the details.
Venue: Sea View Resort, Pangkor Island, Perak
Date: 16-18 March 2009 (Monday - Wednesday) School Holidays.=)
Theme: Fruit of the Spirit
Speaker: Bro. Ron Gilbert
Cost: Adult - RM210, Child - RM 110
(prices exclude ferry cost)
Other Activities: Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Round Island Tour, Fishing and many more!
So come along with us and you are sure to enjoy yourself.
Come and show your support to the organisers and to the church.
Make no excuses, just make it a point to come!

SIGN UP NOW AT THE NOTICE BOARD in the church building
or contact bro.Richard Lim.

Map To The Church Building

Upon Request i have decided to post up the map of our location. =)
Courtesy of Google Maps.
(click to zoom)The blue cross above is where we're at. So if any visitors are interested in coming to attend our services, you are welcomed to come drop by.