Monday, October 20, 2008

An old Saga Continues

From Randall.C

much of the irony from the proton's saga tagline

i would like to write about my old saga...hhhmm...old junk you say?
you all are so so wrong..
guess beat many other cars today..
no..not in the race or gymkhana..although still possible perhaps
here is the story of it:

it was a rainy exceptionally heavy rain..
my uni was invaded by H2O' was flooding...when i wanted to enter my college..the road was blocked due to flood..can see few pity car stuck there..
so i decided to come in from Jalan UPM at Petronas..
to my was WORSE!!!more car stranded.more frustrated drivers..
i cant turn back..(or TERM-BAK as my lecturer from Iran and Iraq will say). so i decided to brave the waters..

halfway in the flood..i kinda got scared as the flood water was worse than i was deeper than i fathom..water was seeping into my car..suddenly my engine started to jerk~oh my!!bad sign..
but i managed to pull through that peril..
sadly the car in front of me died off..
but i was lucky..
and guess car escaped harmless except for wet interior...
need to get it for dry cleaning..
now my beloved saga is still continuing the journey..
journey as an old car..old but faithful..
shaky but firm..
slow but strong..
i admire my old car..
4G15 - you performed above my expectation and i am happy to be with u and Saga..

i wonder..can we be of that degree? serving our master above our limits...
imagine putting ourself as the car..
we are the saga and God is the driver..well..he is the best driver in town and world...
he is the best in everything..
hats off~!!
but if we encounter challenges such as floods, perils, troubles, and sadness, would we just die off like the car in front of me..or would we persevere and continue to serve our master?

i do hope i can be as reliable as my old saga..

The Saga continues with Randall.C

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