Thursday, March 17, 2011


The youths from the Klang Church Of Christ have just finished their I-Camp which was held in Pantai Hills, Seremban.

March 13
All the youths who were participating packed all their things into the cars and departed at 2:45p.m.The journey took us about 2 hours before we finally reached Uncle Charlie's place. The 1st activity we had was of course the clean up where everyone played a part in cleaning up the house.It took us about 1 hour+ and then some of the youths get ready the dinner while others continued the clean up. Then after all our hard work ,we had our 1st wonderful and deeply satisfying dinner which is Steamboat, everyone gather to have meals together and fellowship with each other. After the dinner, we had singing where Bro.Randall taught us the notes that some of the youths were unfamiliar with.After that ,all the male youths were to lead one or two of their favourite chorus song. Our last activity of the night was the night walk where all of us get ready one extra shirt. Everyone had to use their extra shirt to blindfold themselves and we line up one line for guys and one line for girls and start the journey down and up? (i was blindfolded too) the hills. On the way thru the journey, some youths were to stop and wait with the blindfold on while the others continued their walk until everyone was station at a different place. Then each one were to walk back Uncle Charlie's place while enjoying the night's sky. After that we had somemore fellowship and a good night sleep.

March 14
Everyone woke up around 8.00a.m. and we were divided into groups and we had one game that which the organizers asked question to everyone and those who couldn't answer were given the task to prepare breakfast for everyone with one organizer helping us. After the breakfast, we start our game which ''Who want to be a millionaire''. Next, we presented a token of appreciation for Uncle Charlie .After that, all of us cooked their own lunch (awesome maggi mee) together. Next, we all were to get ready with our shoes and get ready for treasure hunt and station games at about 2p.m.. All the groups have to go down hill to the pond and fish,but unfortunately none of the groups caught any. After that, we all had 3 stations games to play which was guessing game (Charades, guess who is this , guess who sang this song) fear-factor (onions , wassabi , cili padi) and a game which involve our thinking ( rubics cube, sudoku , word puzzles and calculation) .After completing all this games ,we were to search for the treasure box,and figure out wheres the key. Group 2 managed to win received the prices contained in the treasure box. The game ended around 5.30p.m., others play games and while some prepare food for dinner. Our dinner was bbq which was handled by Bro.Joel and some had steamboat again.All of us had a wonderful dinner together and also great fellowship. After the dinner, some of us went for night walk and some of the youths stay in the hall play games.

March 15
Everyone woke up around 9a.m. to have their breakfast and Everyone start cleaning up the house and packed all their stuff into the cars. We leaft Pantai Hills around 11a.m.. and then most of us went to Kota Kemuning's MacDonald to have our lunch there. After that, everyone go back their respective home and have a good rest after having fun at the camp.

We would like to thanks Uncle Charlie for providing accommodation, facilities and also being there for us through out the most of the time in the camp. We also want to thanks Aunty Lily borrow her MPV and also Uncle Yeow Kong who brings us up to the hills and stay with us and also Uncle Eng Boon who fetch the late comers and stay with us.

In Christ We Serve ,
Jae Wen

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Integration Camp

13th-15th March
Pantai Hills

-Participation Fee at only Rm30
-All youths from Klang are invited and feel free to invite your Friends as well
-It is of the utmost Important that the youths from Klang participate in this Camp

-Meet back at the church building on sunday at 1.30p.m.
-Please bring enough clothes for 3 days
-Bring your own toiletries (toothbrush toothpaste etc etc)
-Pillow cases and bedsheet
-Blankets and Sleeping Bag (highly recommended)
-Torch Light

For More Details Contact:
Khoo Tze Wei

Ern Shern

This post will be updated again with more details if needed