Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January YCF/YQD

The youths at klang had our first Youth Christian Fellowship(YCF) and Youth Quarterly Dinner(YQD) on the past saturday, 23rd Jan 2010.

The event started at about 5pm or so. (or so...) We sang a few hymns followed by a devotion given by bro.Randall on the fruits of the spirit. Enjoyed the lesson. Good delivery and excellent slide show! kudos to Randall for being so well prepared.

After the devotion we had GAMES! well, A game to be exact. (charades to be precise. creative-nya!) And guess who organised the games? bro.Randall! he says he's being so active so early in the year so that he can be lazy for the rest of the year. haha! jk.

Charades was fun. It took a while to warm the crowd up, but after we got the crowd going, the volume rose significantly too. We found out who could act really well! and who couldn't. haha, tze ren! :P

After the games we had a prayer led by bro.Jonathan followed by dinner! it was pot-luck that evening and so there was a wide variety of food to choose from. Quantity was a problem(which should be sorted out by the next YQD) but there were no complaints about the quality of the food. (:

After dinner, we cleaned up the place, did the dishes and arranged the chairs back to the original places. Then we gathered round so sing more hymns. It was great fun. Everyone's spirits were lifted and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We took turns to lead hymns. Randall, ErnShern, Bryant, Patrick and Daryl. (hope i didnt miss out anyone. =S )
Then we had the closing prayer and we were off!

A few of us stayed back for mamak while waiting for some of the youth's transport to arrive.
The rest of us went home, inward filled(in every sense of the word) and uplifted. Not a bad start to the new year! not at all. Bring on the next 11! :D

Sorry there are no pictures in this post. I forgot to bring my camera and my sis aint much of a photographer(all she got were blured shots. fail) If anyone is willing to post up pictures of the event, please tell me and i'll let u know the username and password to this blog so u can do so. Thanks. ;)

In Christ we serve,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Youth Christian Fellowship (YCF) & Youth Quarterly Dinner (YQD)

The first YCF of the decade
The first YQD of the decade

Come and enjoy the fellowship

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Youth Development Program

On the 21st-24th of December, the YDP was held at the Gunung Lambak Eco Resort Kluang
As usual, nearing the end of the year, youths from different congregations in Malaysia and Singapore came together for the Youth Development Program.
However, this year it was organized by the Lim Ah Pin CoC youths. It was debate style as to encourage us to learn and study the Scriptures for ourselves to find answers to questions and problems we face especially when growing up. Hence the theme; Growing Pains.
There were 3 different debate motions.
Social drinking is wrong,
Clubbing is wrong
and Marrying a non-Christian is wrong.
There were 6 groups this year and each motion had 2 groups; the Proposition and the Opposition

Day 1
The Klang youth that were taking bus to the Resort gathered at the Klang CoC building at around 6.30-7am and the bus left around 7.15am. We reached the Resort at around 11 and then later gathered at the hall to meet up with the other youths there(This year we had around 110 youths who attended the YDP) for briefing. After, we took our bags to our rooms. The girls stayed in nice hotel type rooms while the guys stayed in smelly dorms =P After that we went to the hall again.. (oh and did I mention that the Cafeteria is at the top while the hall is at the bottom of the hill.. and the road uphill was super steep ) to have our ice breakers game by us (Klang youths) to get them to know each other .Then later we had our debating basics lesson by Bro.He Liang from Damansara Utama CoC. After dinner we had singspiration led by Bro. Jon Yang. After the singspiration the Klang youth had our discussion for finale night.

Day 2
Most of us woke up at around 6.30+ and we had our breakfast at around 7.20. After Breakfast we had the privilege of hearing the devotion Bro.Alvin Lee from Malacca. After that , we spent most of our time in debate discussions with our groups.We had Bro. Jedediah , Jon Yang and Alvin to facilitate and assist us while we were discussing in our various groups. After Tea , we had the games , organized by the LAP youth. The games were really interesting , creative and FUN! Credits to the LAP youth.
Then, we had more discussions for finale night...

Bro.Alvin giving his devotion

Everyone Discussing with each other

During the Super fun games

In Christ We Serve,
Ern Shern

Day 3
We all woke up and had breakfast at 7am.
After breakfast, Benjamin Kwan gave a devotion on humility. After that, we had our last session of fine tuning for our debate and practicing our speeches before we had our first debate session after lunch. The guys were separated from the girls. We started off with the motion; Social drinking is wrong followed by Clubbing is wrong. There were many interesting points that were brought up, especially by the opposition teams who really twisted the Scriptures. (hahah.) Then, we had tea before getting ready for the games. :D
The games were very fun, creative and unexpected.

Especially the human foosball and captain ball with tomatoes instead of a ball. Unfortunately, in the middle of our games, it started raining. Therefore, we had to cancel the remaining games :(
We all went for dinner before getting ready for the final debate; Marrying a-non Christian is wrong.

The girls

The guys

The other guys listening attentively.
(ignore the fact that Jia Meng is sleeping xD)

After the debate we all went to the Dewan Jati for Finale night!
There were 4 groups; LAP, Jurong, Klang and the rest aka United Malaysian States (UMS)
There were many funny performances. As well a few 'educational' yet also entertaining ones.
I won't describe in detail because that would take over a thousand words. So here are some pictures. :)

Hanoj; The Choosen One.

Klang CoC

The 'Amazing' Isaac

After finale night, we all played games, took pictures and had lots of fun together :D
Many slept very late and a few didn't sleep at all.

Day 4
The next day, everyone was practically half dead.
Breakfast was at 7.30am and after breakfast, Kelvin gave a very short devotion.
At 9am, everyone was instructed to pack up and put their things in the Dewan Jati.
We did so then assembled at the canteen to have fellowship with one another.
We exchanged books, took more pictures and some sang.(those with voices left anyways)
Then we had lunch.

After lunch,
We took a group picture.

Then we all said our goodbyes.
The Klang bus was the first to leave.
Those who were left (the Singaporeans+ a few of us sesat Malaysians), took more pictures.

The LAP youth.

The Singaporeans

Eventually, we all left the resort for our respective destinations.

This year's YDP was a special, refreshing change to the years before.
It was very beneficial as we all learnt new things and had good fellowship with one another.
To those who did not go for the YDP 2009, (too bad. xD) we hope to see you this year.
To those who came, please come again this year and of course, bring your friends!

In Christ We Serve,
`Krystle C.