Monday, January 16, 2012

Youth Christian Fellowship

A new year, a new beginning and the start of our first YCF of the year !
This time instead of just congregating in the church building and having out usual devotion and some discussion,
we decided to get physical and took it to the great outdoors! What better way to kick start the new year than by getting some exercise and getting mentally and physically fit!

So the first YCF of the year was held on the 14th of January, on a great Saturday morning at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. The activity that we were supposed to be doing was cycling. Why 'supposed' you ask ? Read on to find out why! So to begin the day we met at the church building at 8 o'clock SHARP! And as usual , some of us(there will be no names mentioned) arrived late and made everybody else wait for them in agony. >:) There were around 15 people in all who attended and it was very encouraging to see friends and cousin of Jae Wen tag along with us too!

When we reached though, unfortunately we were too late to get our hands on some bikes! The place was swarming with humans all wanting to get a bike and cycle around the hills to enjoy mother nature. Why were there so many Malaysians out and about on a early Saturday morning and not at home on their beds sleeping or pigging out to Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai? Nobody knows except the Almighty! So after resigning to our fate of not being able to cycle, we decided to take the buses that would take us around Bukit Cahaya for free! SOLD!

I know we were supposed to get some exercise, but because of unfortunate circumstances, we decided to treat ourselves to a FREE BUS RIDE! Yayy!! Its not everyday we get things for free! The girls had to wait for someone to arrive first though so the guys made a move on first.

Brotherly love <3

The guys decided to visit the fish ponds to look at the various colorful and wonderful fish . Either that or they were getting hungry and wanted to buy one to satiate their tummies. Hohoho!

Then as the girls caught up with them, we headed on to the petting zoo! Yes there is a petting zoo in Bukit Cahaya. When we arrived however, we were greeted with a not so pleasant sight. There was a company having their team building session there and decided that the best way to have fun was to play games with the innocent rabbits by manhandling them! Unfortunately we couldn't do anything so we closed one eye and continued looking at the animals.

Tze Ren is actually taking pictures of the birds. lol

side activity of the day: posing for pictures

After having our fill of animals and stinky poop, came one of the highlights of the day! The Bouncy Bridge!

If we jumped on the bridge it would get all bouncy and wobbly it would make anybody on the bridge cry and fall sick! We had our fair share of laughter and cries for us to stop on that bridge. HAHA!

picture is blur because the bridge was still shaking. heh.

Then we decided to find a place to rest our tired legs and play a game of Murderer! After laughing and shouting like mad men for almost 2 hours it was time to head back to Klang and have some lunch!

Thus the other highlight of the day, LUNCH! Lunch was awesome! We had our lovely pork and rice at Klang Town at a famous restaurant. So all in all, it was an eventful day and a great way to bond with our fellow youths and friends! Hopefully there will be more of such events and that there will be more participation from more youths and friends. Every one is invited! Even if you are a senior citizen or a confused teenager or a Twilight loving tweenager thou are all welcome to join us!

Very special thanks to our youth leader bro Tze Wei for organizing and bro Jae Wen for the pictures!