Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Date: 14 to 16 of June 2010(Second week of the school holidays)
Venue: Klang Church of Christ
Fees: RM20

Meals will be provided!
More details to come soon.

If you cant wait, please contact;
Khoo Tze Wei (0172023-three-five-two or ktzewei@hotmail.com)
for more details.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Youth Christian Fellowship, April+ Quarterly Dinner

We had our monthly YCF for April together with our YQD on Saturday, the 24th of April. :) .
So it was a YCF+YQD = Y(CF+QD) =p
It was a pretty good turn out. We had some visitors.. new and old. Erny brought his friends; Foo Shin and Jae Wen (our extremely regular visitor) who in turn brought along his friends, Ken Hean and Din Shan aka Levi. xD Joan brought Cedric, Justin and Joey. :)
We also had youths from other congregations; Alvin Lee from Malacca and Eunice from PJ 17.

It was supposed to start at 5.00 p.m. but due to MRT (Malaysian Rubber Time).. We started at around 5.30..
First, Ee Ren gave a short devotion on singing; why we sing without musical instruments and the importance of singing. :D

The group.

After this, it was time to.. sing!
We were divided into our parts.. Then Randall explained briefly about the different kinds of hymns; happy, slow, motivational.. etc.
After this, each male youth led a hymn each.. Including the young one's like Ee Gene and Tze Ren. (Good job, guys!)

Alvin leading a song..


We were all getting hungry so after the singing, Bryant led us in a word of prayer before.. MAKAN time!
The food was so good.. I didn't even have the opportunity to take picture of it because everyone was too busy eating. =P heheh. Anyways, the food was good.. and so was the fellowship. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

After this, we all gathered back in the annex room to have more fun. According to Joel.. The purpose was to introduce the visitors to YDP games. :D
First, we all sat in a circle..

and Joel brought in the leftover chocolate fudge made by Jae Wen. As a "punishment" everytime we made a mistake.. we'd have to eat 3 pieces at once. You'd think this wasn't much of a punishment as Jae Wen's fudge tastes good. (makes me wonder if some made mistakes on purpose. haha.)
Don't Joan and Joey look very alike?

We started off with watermelon because it seemed the easiest. :)
Shapes.. hahah.

So then, we moved on to bunny ears. :p
Took a while for some people to get used to it. But then they discovered that it was very fun. :D

Last but not least, we played Ping-Piang-Ah!
Many became victims of loud screamers.. It was like having 2 large speakers blasting at max volume centimeters away from your ears. Ouch.
Tze Ren was one of the victims. hahah.

It was especially fun to see people trying to scream with their mouths full of chocolate fudge. xD In the end.. we managed to finish all the chocolate fudge and it was already quite late when we all decided to go home..
We left with sore throats and painful ear drums but also with big smiles and good memories. :)
Ahh.. Yet another successful YCF :) Special thanks to all the organizers and everyone who came!

To those who didn't come.. Please come next time because you're really missing out on the great fellowship!
Hope to see you all at the next YCF!

In Christ We Serve,
`Krystle C.