Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bible Software

I was just browsing around the web when i stumbled upon free bible software.
Basically what it is is a Bible, except it's a digitized version that can be read, referred, referenced and tonnes of other stuff that could make searching the Scriptures very much easier.
It's called e-sword.
Here's the link where you can go download it right onto your computer.

Don't worry, there're no viruses or spyware or anything of the such. How do i know? I've downloaded it and scanned it wif AVG, SPYBOT, NORTON and plenty of other anti-virus softwares. Just to make sure that it's absolutely SAFE. =D

Here's a step by step guide on how to get this thing working on your computer. =P

Step 1: Go to the website,

Here is how it will look on your search engine.

Just click download on the first tab as shown in the picture.

Next, select "Save to disc" and then click "OK".
Wait for the download to complete.
FYI, the file's bout 17MBs and will take around 10 minutes or so for a typical streamyx line to download.
Step 2: Install the software.

It will appear on your desktop as soon as u finish the download.

Double click the icon and install the programme.

Step 3: Open the software. (lol.this is really like installing for dummies =P )

Double click the icon and....well the programme will launch la...

Step 4: Using the Software.(click to enlarge)

Okay kids, playtime's over!

Pay attention as using this software can be pretty confusing. Simple once gotten used to.

Firstly, to open a verse from the Bible.
-Simply click the tabs on the left of the window which are labeled according to the books of the Bible. From there you can choose the particular chapter and verse u wish to read.

Secondly, to search for an unfamiliar verse simply click the tab on the top toolbar which is labeled "Bible" and the click "Search". (note, a simpler way is to use the hot keys Ctrl+S)

Then type in a keyword into the search box and click "search". You can also specify which Part of the Bible you wish to search. Whether New Testament, Old Testament, Entire Bible or even by books. The software will then display every verse in the specified search place that contains your keyword along with the book, chapter and verse. By clicking on the verse, it will be previewed in the box bellow. When you've found the verse you're looking for, simply click the "accept" button and the software will display the
verse in it's context.

You're probably wondering WHAT IS with all THE GREEN NUMBERS located next to almost EVERY WORD!

simple. it's the in-built Bible dictionary. When you click on the number beside the word, it will display the meaning, Greek or Hebrew origin and the correct pronunciation. That is, IF you know how to read fenetics. It's pretty useful as we do not need to look into our Oxford Dictionaries or go to to look for the meaning of such a word.

As for the column on the right side of the screen that's blank. That's your workspace where you can type in notes for the lesson you maybe preparing or just for later reference.

As for the other, more finer areas of this software i shall not try to explain. This should be more than enough for you guys to be able to use the software at an optimal level. =D

All Scriptureis given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
(2Tim 3:16-17)

In God we serve,


Sunday, November 18, 2007

About Us

Just for all you people out there who want to know what we're all about!

We are the youths from the Church of Christ in Klang. Our teachings and beliefs are solely from the Bible and not any creed.

The New Testament contains the complete pattern for the Lord's church; the terms by which it is identified, the message it is to preach, the way in which it is to worship, the blueprint for its organization and the method by which one becomes a member of it. In short, in the New Testament scripture, we are given a pattern for the true church and all who are following that pattern are members of the Lord's church and children of God. The Bible speaks of only one true church; Jesus called it "my church" (Mt 16:18). We seek to be members of that one true church by adhering to the New Testament pattern. We plead for the unity of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ by a complete return to the faith, worship, and practice of the New Testament. When the New Testament is followed, it simply produces Christians -
nothing more, nothing less.

Jesus prayed that all His followers should be one and not divided into differing groups (Jn 17:20-21). All His people are members of the one church of which Jesus Himself is the only head (Eph 1:22,23). The church has no denominational name or creed, it is simply a group of New Testament Christians making up a local church or church of Christ. The church of Christ has no earthly head or headquarters. Its only head is Jesus Christ who is in Heaven, seated at the right hand of God (Col 3:1). Each congregation of Christians governs itself under the authority of Christ and His word in the New Testament, and seeks to be overseen by elders and served by deacons when there are men who meet all the qualifications laid down in the New Testament (1 Tim 3:1-3). The work of preaching and teaching is done by every member as they have the ability and by men who have given their lives to this work.

We do not claim to be the only Christians, but Christians only. We feel our plea for a return to New Testament Christianity is a valid one. If you are interested in knowing what the Bible teaches about salvation and the true church, you will find a warm and friendly welcome to any of our meetings. If you would like to know more about us, we will be happy to talk with you.

Feel free to come join us for our scheduled services. (:

Youth Planning Session

The Youth Planning Session is approaching fast. Here we will discuss various activities which should be held in our upcoming year. Examples of such are; The Youth Enrichment Seminar, Youth Futsal Tournament, Camp in tents and etc.
be PRESENT and
Give suggestions on how to improve on our past performances!

Date -Prolly after YDP.
Time - immediately after worship service
Venue - Klang Church of Christ, building A, annex room
note.LUNCH will be provided! =D

Be there! No excuses. =)

In God we serve,

Youth Development Programme

YDP is just around the corner and guess what! Only about 60 people have signed up!
It would really help the organisers of the camp if everyone would not wait till last minute to sign up!

Date - 24th to the 27th December 2007
Venue - Seri Warisan Resort, Melaka
Theme - Sharpening the Sword II & Psallo II
Person in charge - Bro. Khoo Kay Yeow
Teachers - Bro. Richard Lim & Bro. Steven Chan
Games Organisers - Bro. Cheah Hao Qi & Bro. Justin Chan
Price - RM240 (excluding transport)
note.transport will be provided via bus with a small cost.

How to register?
Simple. Simply Right your name down on the Youth Notice board
or contact me via email-

DEADLINE is approaching fast. And trust me, this is NOT an opportunity you'd want to MISS!

In God we serve,

New Leaf

In light of recent events the youths hove agreed on setting up our very own youth blog!
This is to ease updating and to bring the administration level down to a more manageable scale.
Every activity will be constantly updated with an announcement of upcoming event as well as a review after the event.
Relevant articles will be posted up once in a while for the purpose of edification.
Hopefully this blog will be one that would help our youth group to grow in numbers and in faith!
so drop by and check up on us whenever u can.

Your support is much APPRECIATED. =D

In God we serve,