Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Youth Enrichment Seminar 2012

Another seminar has come and gone. Another year to wait for the next.
But it was another good time of fun and fellowship for all the youths that participated.
Youths from far and wide participated.
Encouraging to see them so enthusiastic through out the three days of the seminar.
The speaker for this year was a homegrown product who grew up with the Klang youths and then went on to be a successful counselor. His name is none other than bro Andy Ling! He agreed to come all the way from Singapore to encourage and to educate us on the young person's guide to Christian living. None other more qualified to teach i think.

Bro Andy 

His workshops were informative, easy to understand and very practical. He got us to do activities to enforce his points. Even the young ones were very enthusiastic to get involved. Kudos to them! ;)


A beaming participant.



A job well done by bro Andy! We patiently wait to hear more from him in the near future! 

Read your Bibles!!

A participant clearly enjoying himself. 

The games were also pretty good although there were some minor setbacks here and there. But everyone had their fair share of fun in the end.




It was a great work out too! 


Need i say more? 


getting dirty and stinky was part of the games too!

bonding together!

We even had fun just cooking our dinner !



To all those who helped out, you have a special place in heaven. ;) 

More photos:


the Boss. 

 having a good time.

 age is just a number.

There was even a guest appearance on the first night by bro Chiang Ling who taught us a few choruses.

singing as a group. 

All in all, it was a great three days of fellowship, learning and bonding with one another. 
We look forward for bigger and better things at the next Y.E.S! 


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